Presidency of the Republic: www.presidencia.gub.uy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: www.mrree.gub.uy

Ministry of Tourism: www.mintur.gub.uy

Ministry of Interior: www.minterior.gub.uy

Tourist Promotion: www.turismo.gub.uy

Commercial Promotion of the Country: www.uruguayxxi.gub.uy


Uruguay has universal health coverage for both tourists and residents that guaranteed medical assistance in case of an emergency. Public and private health providers are obliged to provide assistance to the tourist, reserving the right to charge for the assistance provided. It is recommended that the visitor acquires a Private Medical Insurance, prior to entering the country, for their personal tranquility.

Please call the Embassy's hotline at + 59826000111 (24 hours a day).


Carrasco International Airport General Cesáreo L. Berisso (MVD). Route 101 km 19,950, 14000 City of la Costa, Department of Canelones. Tel (+598 2604 0329). www.aeropuertodecarrasco.com.uy

Laguna del Sauce International Airport, Punta del Este (PDP): Route 93 Km. 113, 20100 Maldonado. Tel. (+598) 4255 9777 www.puntadeleste.aero


Port of Montevideo. 25 de Agosto Promenade, 1825. Montevideo. Tel. (+ 598 1901) www.anp.com.uy

Port of Colonia del Sacramento. -Avda. Roosevelt and Rivera - Colonia del Sacramento. Tel. (+ 598) 4522 2140


Terminal of Passengers of Tres Cruces: Bvar. General José Artigas n ° 1825. Between Goes and Dr. Salvador Ferrer Serra. Montevideo Tel.: (598) 2408 8601 to 06. www.trescruces.com.uy


In case of emergency, please call the Embassy's hotline at + 59826000111 (24) hours a day.