Travel guidelines:

  • Qatari citizens must obtain a visa to enter Uruguay. For further information, contact the Embassy of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay in Doha.Contact Details:+97444113833  +97444113540 Villa No. 1, Area 64, University Street, Jubailat, PO Box 23237, Doha, Qatar.
  • Travel to Uruguay during the summer. The best time to visit Uruguay is in the warmer months, which go from November to April. During this time you can enjoy the sunny landscapes, as well as the 650 kilometers of fluvial and oceanic coasts that the country offers, with beaches of white sand.
  • Avoid the crowds. Between Christmas and New Year, and the first half of January, is the season called high season, in which the summer resorts of the country are completely full of tourists and prices register a significant increase. The rest of the season is equally enjoyable, but with more accessible costs and fewer crowds.


Places of entertainment:

Montevideo. Capital of the Republic, is the most populated city of the country, resides almost half of the Uruguayan population. Founded in 1724, in the city coexists multiple architectural styles. Perfectly preserved buildings of the colonial style, vestiges of Spanish domination, such as the Cerro Fortress or the Old City Walls. In the Center you can see buildings of Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. It is a city overlooking the Plata River and surrounded by beaches.

The main points for the visitor are:

  • Solís Theater
  • Pocitos Promenade
  • Montevideo Cathedral
  • Port Market
  • Prado Neighborhood Residences
  • Botanical Garden
  • Centenario Stadium
  • Buceo Port
  • Carrasco Neighborhood
  • Legislative Palace
  • Salvo Palace and Independence Square.
  • Beaches of Pocitos, Malvín, Punta Gorda and Carrasco.

Punta Del Este:
It is considered to be the main resort of the country and the Southern Cone, in its landscape are fused modern constructions with wooded areas and a peninsula surrounded by oceanic beaches. Due to the fame of the city, during the summer is a destination for the international tourism.

Wild Oceanic Cost: For lovers of Nature, the beaches of white sands on the coast of Rocha, being the destinations suggested La Paloma, La Pedrera, Cabo Polonio, Valizas, Punta del Diablo and Santa Teresa.

Rural Tourism:
In the Center and West of the country, you can take advantage of the country houses, with activities with artisan gastronomy and sports activities such as: horseback riding, hunting, fishing, canoeing and walks in the native forests.

Colonia del Sacramento:
Cultural Heritage of Humanity declared by UNESCO in 1992, is a city founded in 1680, which preserves its historical center, Portuguese colonial design and cobbled streets, as well as a myriad of museums and historical exhibitions.

Thermal Tourism: 
The West and North of the country offers inns, health centers, water parks and hot springs that flow naturally in springs located in that region.